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This bitch is fucking hot. Amy Reid has something special going on, and I’m not quite sure what it is. Sure she has a firm body and some big tits, but it’s something more. I think it’s her eye, her personality that comes out when she is fucking. Is she acting? Is this what she really looks like when she is getting it on in her bedroom at home? I don’t know, but her porn videos I certainly enjoy.
She is something special alright. I suppose many people will love her nice big boobs, I can’t get away from her spectacular eyes. This is one of the hottest girls to share her sexual side in porn recently. Check out the free video with Amy Reid fucking below.

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This is a video video all the way through. all four of the scenes are well done, and it’s just plain good old fun. I really enjoy watching Britney Skye getting fucked. Yeah she has big boobs, but I do like her hair, and they way she gets into the sex while the camera are rolling.

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Normally I am not a big fan of the porn that is shot outdoors. It seems that the lighting gets off, and we can’t see much of the closeups. Somehow they avoided all that with this scene. I guess they were smart about what time of the day they needed to shot, and everyone was actually ready on time.

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My favorite porn scenes – what are yours?

I have seen a lot of porn videos. I have enjoyed a good number, especially the past couple of years, there have been a lot of great porn scenes released. There are a few that stand out in my mind, and probably a hundred that I would like have firmly implanted in my mind not to forget.

A few scenes that come to my mind right off the bat.

Keri Sable in a  gangbang with multiple  creampies.

Jasmine Lynn doing the dunce schoolgirl thing with a DP threesome.

Sasha Grey doing a cumswapping creampie sharing threesome.

I know there are many other great porn video clips I have enjoyed, some of them I don’t even know the name of the pornstars that were in them. There are many other great videos I have enjoyed where I know the girls’ names, but can’t think of the video title.

What are your favorite porn video scenes?

Who are your favorite porn stars?

I often wonder who everyone else thinks is the best porn stars. I have a few favorites, and when I hear what other people like, sometimes I find new ones to enjoy. So who are the best porn stars, and why do you think they are the best?

Whenever anyone asks me who my favorite porn stars are, I have a few that come to mind, and there are several that I have no idea what their names are! There are some stars that I qualify by saying their old stuff, not the new stuff they are making.

A few of my favorite porn stars include:

  • Jasmine Lynn
  • Sasha Grey
  • Keri Sable

there are many others that I really enjoy as well. Now what are their names?